Oral Paper Presentation

Guidelines for Preparation of Oral paper

It is requested to prepare the presentation using the following guidelines so as to maintain the time schedule

Slide 1- Title of the paper, Names of the Author(s), Designation, Affiliation
Slide 2- Introduce the topic or the variables briefly
Slide 3- Explain the rationale for doing the present study briefly
Slide 4- Aim & objectives of present study
Slide 5- Information about research design, sample, tools, procedure, statistical analysis
Slide 6- Highlight key findings related to objectives. No need to provide detailed results
Slide 7- Brief discussion

Instructions for PowerPoint Presentation preparation
 Time allocated for each paper presentation is upto 8 minutes
 Light coloured background with dark coloured font or vice versa to use for making slides
 Do not use too many different font colours
 Font style- Arial
 Font size- 32+
 Combination of upper and lower case letters, DO NOT USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS
 Max 5-6 lines per slide
 Please save your presentation in (.ppt) 2003 mode

Poster Presentation

Guidelines for Preparation of Poster

We request you to prepare the poster using the following guidelines:

  • A poster display board of 90 X 120cms (BXH) will be provided for each presentation.
  • The poster can be prepared and mounted either as one chart or a maximum of 12 A4 size sheets.
    The poster should be prepared in English.
  • The poster should contain the title, author/co-author names and institute affiliation/s.
  • The title of the presentation should be in Upper Case or Title Case. The body of the presentation should include Introduction, Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions/Implications.
  • The font size of the poster should be at least 32+ for text and 38+ for titles. The spacing between lines should be at least 1.5.
  • You may use colored paper, photographs, drawings and other illustrations to enhance the
    quality of your presentation.
  • Posters should be prepared from lightweight material for easy mounting on poster boards.
  • The poster will be on display for the limited allocated time of the day. The scheduled date and time of your presentation has been intimated on the website.
  • The presenting author need not be physically present beside the poster throughout the display time.
  • The author need to be physically present only at the time indicated for the interaction time’, which will be communicated at a later date on the website.
  • The presenting authors are responsible for the safety, mounting and removing of their posters.
  • The volunteers will be available for facilitating the process at the venue.